Vision to Soar at 30,000 Feet
Expertise to Land the Plane

 With passion, integrity, and talent, Altimeter provides strategic consulting to the 501c3 community.
We assist the non-profit sector through capacity building, strategic planning, and hands-on communications and development support... We help the people who help the world.


Adept at high-impact, specialized services to improve your organization’s efficiency and support strategic initiatives.

Sharing a wealth of experience gained through serving in non-profit leadership in an executive capacity for two decades.

We bring a focused expertise that offers freshness and objectivity, while being approachable and fun to work with.


Provide strategic consulting to the 501c3 community, supporting them through innovative and efficient capacity building, strategic direction, and hands-on support.

Through University 501, we provide affordable, effective non-profit leadership coaching and strategic support to ensure long-term sustainability and solid mission delivery.


Non-profit patient advocacy groups and social justice organizations looking for more effective and efficient ways to deliver on their mission.

Small to mid-sized organizations looking for expert advice they can relate to, afford, and execute.

University 501 helps the people who help the world through coaching and personalized consulting that enhances non-profit success.