Non-Profit Coaching & Capacity Building |

Vision to Soar at 30,000 Feet
Expertise to Land the Plane

 With passion, integrity, and talent, Altimeter helps non-profit organizations focus their vision,
strengthen their voice, and use their strengths to execute the right tactics.
Your mission is our mission field.


Leigh Reynolds, Altimeter founder and managing director, has more than two decades of solid non-profit leadership focused on capacity building, strategic communications, development, staff and volunteer management. Her expertise, and that of her team, has been honed through time in the trenches; learning through successes and challenges.

Altimeter will help your path be more straight and your mission more readily achievable.


  • Adept at high-impact, specialized services to improve your organization’s efficiency and support strategic initiatives.
  • A focused expertise that brings freshness and objectivity.
  • A wealth of experience from serving in the non-profit arena in an executive capacity for two decades.


In most small non-profits, staffing is small, finances are stretched, and to do lists are long as staff members each wear many hats in pursuit of mission delivery.

When there is a vacancy on the team, a new fundraising program to launch, or a need to make up a shortfall in revenue, we can help…


Specializing in small to mid-sized nonprofits and faith-based organizations, our mission is to help you crystallize your vision and set concrete steps to achieve it.

Many consultants do just that - consult - leaving you with a notebook full of recommendations that you struggle to execute. Altimeter becomes a part of the team, coaching you on to your best success.