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Capacity Building

Eight Ways to Measure Fundraising Success

Measure Success

How do you measure fundraising success? The answer isn’t just the amount raised. There are several metrics that can give you a clearer picture of the overall health of your fundraising efforts. Tracking donations and donor activity is a great start, but it’s worth it to digging a little deeper into your fundraising data. Dissecting…

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Making the Case

Building an Effective Case for Support  A solid case for support is perhaps the most important document you can write for your non-profit. It is critically important to everyone who is involved in soliciting donations on your behalf. They should all know it, be comfortable speaking to it, and be ready to share your message…

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Channeling Unexpected Change Toward Growth

When your non-profit takes an unexpected hit – the loss of a major funder, the non-renewal of an important grant, the cancellation of an important fundraising event – it can either take you out or you can tackle it head on, growing stronger through the process. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth if you take time to process, plan, and proactively move forward.

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Teach ‘Em To Fish

There are a lot of amazing non-profit groups in the world, doing amazing work on fewer resources than often seems possible. Long hours, minimal staff, board and donors to answer too, constituents to serve, with a mission far greater than a budget to support it. Often a faction of the very people a non-profit exists…

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