Communication Workshop

Communicating in Full Color

We can all struggle to communicate at times. We keep talking, but it seems like no one is listening; or perhaps someone in your life is shouting to be heard and driving you crazy in the process.

The root of most problems at work, where you volunteer, worship, play and live boil down to ineffective communication.

In her one-hour workshop, Leigh boils down decades of complicated DiSC, Meyers Briggs, and a host of other personality assessments into a simple and readily digestible communication workshop. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself, but even more importantly, a better understanding of the people you encounter in your life with some tangible tools to more effectively communicate with them.

Bring Leigh's "Communicating in Full Color" workshop to your next staff meeting, committee meeting, church gathering or conference. Contact us for a quote and booking information at Leigh@AltimeterConsulting dot com.


Already attended a workshop and want a copy of the materials for future reference?
Email Leigh and she will send the test and presentation summary to you free of charge!