What We Do

In most small non-profits, staffing is small, finances are stretched, and to do lists are long as staff members each wear many hats in pursuit of mission delivery. When there is a vacancy on the team, a new fundraising program to launch, or a need to make up a shortfall in revenue, you can feel like one of those plate spinning acts in the circus; running from priority to screaming priority, giving it just enough attention to keep it from crashing.

At Altimeter, we specialize in multi-faceted support. Leigh Reynolds spent twenty years in the trenches, manning the front lines of non-profit insanity; overseeing the details of loading 6 semi-trucks full of bike tour supplies one day, facilitating an executive committee meeting the next, then managing a gala the following weekend. From leading meetings on Capital Hill to coordinating ham radio operators; cultivating relationships with 14 year old team captains and million dollar donors alike. All of this honed her unique ability to envision how all the pieces come together at 30,000 and then work with the team to execute the right tactics to make the vision a reality on the ground.

Leigh formed Altimeter Consulting with a passion to help the people who help the world.

University 501 Coaching – I am not your typical coach. I personalize specific input and insights right-sized for you because I've been in your shoes. Former clients call me part therapist, part sounding board, and part strategic guru. My goal is to make your life in non-profit more engaging, successful and fun. Because the world needs change-makers like you!

Strategic Planning Intensive – You know your mission, have clear vision, and may have long-range goals, but with no real plan, you’re just wandering. Leigh can help crystalize your strategy and map out specific tactics to ensure you’re marching down the right path.

Board Engagement Retreat – Board leadership is critical to an organization’s success. After reviewing current board dynamics, materials and training, Leigh will lead your board to greater buy-in and more decisive action.

Communications Audit and Feedback Report – Are you speaking in a clear voice? Do people know the communication is from you and readily understand your unique benefits? Leigh will expertly review your communications and make solid and executable recommendations to strengthen your voice.

Social Media 101 – You’re on social media, but don’t have a strategy behind it. Or perhaps you’ve yet to engage because you’re not sure you have the time or the know-how. Leigh can quickly develop a custom strategy and train your volunteers or staff on how to effectively execute.

Special Event Bootcamp – If you’ve recently launched a fundraising event, have an event that is losing momentum, or want to jump into special event fundraising for the first time, Leigh can help. A custom training with key stakeholders, focused on best-practices, will set you on a path to great success.

Fundraising Campaign Build-Out – It’s time for a spring or year-end campaign, but you lack the internal expertise or staff capacity to execute. Leigh can draft a specific strategy and execute the details – from timeline, to copy, to production - in a reasonable budget and on time.

Patient Advocacy Consulting

Don't Take It From Us.... Hear What Others Have to Say

Manuela Testolini, Founder & Executive Director, In A Perfect World Foundation
“We spent the whole year not getting what we needed and in one phone call you got it and were able to send back a framework for us to work with.”

George Sifakis, President and CEO and Axela LLC:
"Leigh is an inspiring leader and visionary! Her leadership of KidneyWise was awe-inspiring and I marveled at her ability to decipher complex issues and deliver succinct messages to a myriad of constituencies including leadership in non-profit, corporate and governmental organizations. Leigh is a thought leader who serves as the ultimate example of effective leadership!"

Bill Brazell, Partner at WIT Strategy:
"As a member of the PKD Foundation's board of trustees, I've been impressed for years with Leigh's commitment to our volunteers - the lifeblood of any nonprofit. Leigh connects with volunteers all over the country, inspiring them to greater heights as we seek to cure PKD... Her work on the Walk for PKD raised revenues dramatically even as it raised our spirits..."

Sean Flaherty, EVP Strategy, ITX Corp:
"Leigh is an amazing leader. She is comprehensive in her management of the details, yet has the ability to bring resolution and clarity to the most intense situations. No one has more passion and drive than Leigh Reynolds when she sets her mind to task..."