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Building Social Media Ambassadors

Fundraising campaigns are less about money and more about bringing people together around a shared experience to advance your cause. Great content on social media can make people feel connected to your organization and provide a sort of one-to-one conversation that turns into a socially visible endorsement. Social Media Ambassadors can champion this effort. If you have…

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Making the Case

Building an Effective Case for Support  A solid case for support is perhaps the most important document you can write for your non-profit. It is critically important to everyone who is involved in soliciting donations on your behalf. They should all know it, be comfortable speaking to it, and be ready to share your message…

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Paradigm Shift

I have worked with various non-profit organizations (NGO’s) for most of my career. Now, as the mother of an amazing son with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I see the whole ecosystem in a different light. There are many, many wonderful non-profit organizations doing amazing work for the community they serve. There are some great NGO’s in the autism…

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