University 501 - Positive Change for Change-Makers

Because your mission matters...

Positive change for change-makers.


If you're looking to bring more intention, strategy, satisfaction, and balance to your work, then University 501 is for you. 


Join the dynamic family of non-profit professionals that have  benefitted from Leigh's coaching and support. Learn proven strategies that increase your impact, expand your reach, and decrease your stress.

Presented by Leigh A Reynolds

After more than two decades in non-profit leadership, I made it my personal mission to help the people who help the world. Every day I see change-makers who have dedicated their lives to a mission they are deeply passionate about end up sacrificing too much personal health, wealth, and time because they lack many of the resources they need. I help them 'pack their toolkit' with proven and positive strategies and tools that expand their ability to make a lasting difference while still enjoing a balanced life.

And I can do the same for you.


Suzanne D. Vernon, PhD
Research Liaison, Bateman Horne Center

"Leigh does what very few professionals know how to do; she has the “Vision to Soar at 30,000 Feet, Expertise to Land the Plane”. She applies this expertise to nonprofit organizations – helping them see their vision and put the right people and resources in place to achieve their mission. Once these essential foundational pieces are in place, the organization has what it needs to succeed."

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