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Unlocking Your Potential  |  Maximizing Mission Delivery


Professional Coaching

One-on-one coaching that focuses on your strengths and finds complimentary leadership strategies. Together, we identify specific management techniques that build teamwork and maximize effectiveness, strengthen strategic development, and help bring balance back into your life.

Together, we move you forward to where you want to be.

These aren't cookie-cutter trainings with generic information. We work hard to ensure the information is right-sized and realistic; and there is never a hard-sell at the end.  The goal is to help you help the world. We're just passing on what we've learned along the way... because we're all in this together.

In most non-profits, staffing is small, finances are stretched thin, and to do lists are long. Staff members each wear many hats in pursuit of mission delivery. It often feels like one of those plate spinning acts in the circus; running from priority to screaming priority, giving it just enough attention to keep it from crashing.

Whether it is focused strategic planning with the board or short-term, hands-on support to get the year end campaign developed and out the door, Altimeter can help. Learn More...